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Tonewheel General Hospital

A Word from Doctor Drawbar on the Corona Virus Pandemic

The United States is under a condition of National Emergency. While there are currently 34 National Emergencies in effect for the United States, we are now facing one that directly and personally affects each American citizen and resident. This public health crisis has the potential to cause numerous deaths and illnesses. It will also cause severe shocks throughout our economy and to our individual lifestyles.

Our government has advised us to prepare for these disruptions, and also to do something called flatten the curve. Flattening the curve refers to reducing our risk of exposure to the corona virus by limiting our human interactions. Doing this successfully will spread out the demand on our health care system, which is woefully unprepared for what is coming. Flattening the curve is not only a patriotic duty; it is also an act of kindness to our fellow citizens.

In accordance with these precepts, Tonewheel General Hospital is changing our hours of operation, our shipping schedule, and our intake and visitor policies. These changes will go into effect immediately. We are not closing, but we are going to limit our public interactions as much as possible. These changes will inevitably need to be revised and amended as we discover what is effective and what isn't. Please be kind and understanding! With luck, we hope that by Good Friday, April 10, 2020 (4 10 20) this pandemic situation will have stabilized.

My prescription for all our customers world wide: stay at home, fix your Hammond organs and Leslie speakers, and be excellent to one another.

I hope to see you all on the other side of this thing. Farewell, and endeavor to persevere!

Rick Prevallet
Doctor Drawbar

HOURS of OPERATION: Tonewheel will not be having ANY standard office hours. If you need to contact us for questions it would be best to send an email to If you need to call be advised that phone calls may not be returned during normal daytime business hours.

SHIPPING SCHEDULE: Shipping cutoff will be changed to a time that allows minimal opportunity for human-to-human interaction. Shipments may be delayed one or more days. If you need something shipped immediately or with a fixed delivery date you may want to consult with a different vendor. Supply chain disruptions are going to happen as our suppliers implement their own responses to this National Emergency. At this time we have a good supply of all normally in stock products. Given that domestic travel restrictions will soon be implemented, we can not represent that a package will arrive on time after we ship it.

INTAKE and VISITOR POLICY: There will be no person-to-person interactions at the Hospital. If you have a scheduled appointment you will be contacted shortly. Parts sent to us for repair will be accepted as normal, though there will probably be longer delays in receiving your item back. There is, at this point, no reason to believe the corona virus travels through the package delivery system.